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A friend of mine is getting married next year, and ill be taking the photos, really looking forward to it, So I’m getting allot of “practice” in. This last Friday night I had camera withdrawals and bought myself a bunch of roses, and decided to take some typical Ring pictures, I gave myself a few challenges, I had to take the photos indoors on a flat surface, bellow Tungsten light (with a globe that’s only half functions)

I was only allowed to use my rings and the red roses, I had to try and remove all other backgrounds and the main focus needed to be either the rings or the rose..

After I played around with the different settings, on the camera and flash, I got the exposure I was happy with. I under exposed allot to get the dark backgrounds..
I tried to think of a way of taking the photos that wouldn’t be the “first solution” so tried all sorts of different angles and with allot of trial and even more error, with fast dissipating flash batteries, I came up with these solutions. They all seem quite traditional but then I think the dark effect works well.

I did edit in Photoshop, I played with the curves and levels, I used the Stamp tool to get rid of the “rose blemishes” And I used unsharp mask…
Rose’s are so unforgiving….. They show every little bump and kink and flaw, I suppose were all so used to seeing the perfect 5 roses rose now days that when you take a picture of the average joe rose, it doesn’t cut it..
I’ve decide not to Guilt trip myself anymore on editing the photos, that’s what I can do, know how to do and studied for 5 years to do…
So I suppose ill forgive myself. Ask me tomorrow again though ill probably change my mind.

I have a studio session on Saturday, an introduction to studio photography, where a couple of our lectures that gave us our first course have started their own Photography school
Have a look, I’m hoping to soak it all up, and then decide which is the next best class for me to do, but in the mean time ill just carry on playing, and experimenting on my own.

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