Tutorial time – In my attempt to RE.INVENT


In my attempt to RE.INVENT myself, refine my skills and further my knowledge, I’ve turned to the Web and found some fabulous resources. One of which I had to share PSD TUTS . I’ve learnt that everyone has a different process of working and editing in Photoshop, even I do. I realise my Post Production on my images needs allot of work, and there’s so much more for me to learn. Hence this post. I found this cool tutorial on touching up portrait photos. So I did the tutorial then applied what I learnt to one of my old photos, from when I did the fun day at the studio.
I think the results are quite nice. I’m sure a professional might disagree, but I don’t think its to far of the mark? Let me know what you think, and of it needs more work. Any input would really be appreciated, remember I’m trying to RE.INVENT myself here.
Let me know if you guys would like me to post some tutorials of my own. Think it could be quite fun.

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